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Select the legal type that best describes you:
4 i6 }0 F+ ^+ T English French   + D* r& e8 x; x8 q  X1 k
Canadian citizen4 Y' H8 Y, p' J. W' [2 l
Corporation (Canada or Canadian province or territory)
, P. E' e; r3 x6 F5 hPermanent Resident of Canada
  ~. h  ~* N' r8 j# n- K2 Q5 lGovernment or government entity in Canada , M. u; I& a1 M5 N: }2 s4 ]
Canadian Educational Institution Canadian Unincorporated Association Canadian Hospital Partnership Registered in Canada Trade-mark registered in Canada (by a non-Canadian owner) Canadian Trade Union Canadian Political Party Canadian Library, Archive or Museum Trust established in Canada Aboriginal Peoples (individuals or groups) indigenous to Canada Indian Band recognized by the Indian Act of Canada Legal Representative of a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident Official mark registered in Canada

% O0 a) S! K" e7 l% a( H
# d7 [$ _2 v$ n7 ]# w+ F$ ^" T, I6 b5 M
4 q# G7 g; [) X2 h) h/ r0 C* e: V
& d) b" U7 R  q$ q

1 {5 v; J- J- i! t; `; R
+ o) ~/ w" B* O% [# P+ m9 G
! l1 i8 w4 o( e1 L9 c5 y4 h* r! i8 |# }' y
9 y5 v' @1 ]! ~5 s

2 _- g' S9 ]1 f2 `2 l- r( m. f$ p) ~5 z6 [  I) `* Q

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